Construction Trades Diversity Summit

Diversity Summit

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ANEW continues to be a leader in building a vibrant construction trades workforce and improving access and advancement to nontraditional career paths that lead to family wage jobs. ANEW believes that diversity and cultural differences that are often seen as a challenge to manage within our work environments can instead be an asset. Now, more than ever, we recognize that our strength, and the strength of a vibrant workforce resides in the opportunities created through diversity and inclusion. To foster this growth, and examine specific elements and dynamics of diversity as they relate to the construction workforce and their policies, we are inviting you to register for our first Construction Trades Diversity Summit.
The Diversity Summit is bringing together employers, public entities, construction apprenticeship programs to have constructive, focused dialogue surrounding current policy issues around the diversification of the construction workforce. Current policies, tools and strategies will be discussed with panel members and small groups to educate you about their status as well as promote discussion of thoughtful ideas going forward to improve and advance their use in the real world of work. Your input is needed and this is your chance to get involved! The Summit is a region wide event hosted by ANEW. We invite you, your business and/or your organization to join us as a participant and a sponsor.
The Summit will showcase a Keynote Speaker, two panels; both a public and private focus, followed by two small group breakout sessions that will report back to the group. We will hear from workers in the trades sharing their experiences about diversity and inclusion and discuss the development of policies and practices for attracting and retaining a diverse workforce in the construction trades. The event will start at 7:30 am with a light breakfast and lunch will be provided. Ultimately, the result of this Summit will impact ANEW’s next steps, taking into consideration the discussion at the Summit, including the creation of a policy agenda going forward.
Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to hear the conversations and provide your valuable input.