ANEW’s mission is to improve peoples lives by providing quality training, employment navigation, and supportive services leading to successful family wage careers.

Are you in search of a high-paying career?

Here are five good reasons to start your career as an apprentice:

  • Earn a paycheck while you learn. Start at $20-30+/hr your first day! 
  • A secure future. Being highly skilled will lead to greater job opportunities and a higher salary.
  • Careers that start with an apprenticeship are in high demand.
  • The chance to be your best. You’ll learn a skilled trade from a master craftsman.
  • There are apprenticeships in nearly every field you can imagine!

ANEW is a trusted partner in the construction industry. We offers pre-apprenticeship programs, employment navigation, and financial support for individuals who desire a family wage career in the construction industry.

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