Passport to Apprenticeship

 Assistance for Former/Current Foster Youth and Unaccompanied Homeless!

The Passport to Apprenticeship Opportunities program will assist students participating in registered apprenticeship or pre-apprenticeship programs with covering occupational-specific costs such as tuition for classes, fees, work clothes, rain gear, boots, and occupation-related tools.

Forty-two colleges throughout Washington have committed to developing a viable plan for providing support services to students who are eligible for Passport. These colleges have a designated support staff (DSS) person to help Passport to College students navigate through college. 

ANEW’s Passport to Careers is a program designed to connect young adults (ages 18-21) who are currently in or have previously been in the foster care system, including unaccompanied homeless to family-wage careers. Careers beginning with apprenticeships is the primary focus of our program.

Passport-eligible students looking for detailed information on preparing, applying, and paying for college, apprenticeship, or pre-apprenticeship programs can find more information in the Passport to Careers Guide or visit:

Step 1 is to fill out our Career Exploration Form here.

To apply or for more information/questions, please contact:

Emily Stochel, Apprenticeship & Outreach Specialist