Work-Based Learning / Workplace Readiness

Department of Vocational Rehabilitation partners with ANEW to offer a 40-hour work-based learning training for students with IEPs/504 plans. This experience connects students who are 14-21 years of age and currently on an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 plans with a paid Work Learning Experience, where they learn transferable job skills such as time management, workplace readiness, self-advocacy and employee-employer interaction. They will also create projects to take home such as planter boxes, bird houses, benches, as well as a team project such as a doghouse or a tiny house.  

The Youth Exploration Program (YEP) is a Pre-Employment Transition Service that allows students with IEP’s and/or 504 Plans to be introduced to the Building Trades/Apprenticeship Programs in Washington State.

Partner with ANEW for Youth Success Virtually!

  • Job Site Tours
  • Job Shadowing Visits
  • Informational Interviews
  • Soft Skills for the Construction Field
  • Building of Small Construction Projects (Kits or Tiny Houses)
  • Paid 40-Hour Work-Based Learning Experience (When allowed by the State of Washington COVID-19 regulations for ages 16-21 for those enrolled in post-secondary)

For more information, please contact Venus Dean-Bullinger at 253-208-2145 or