Youth Exploration Program

For over 40 years ANEW’s mission has been to improve people’s lives by providing quality training, employment navigation, and supportive services leading to successful family wage careers. That mission has led ANEW to launch our Youth Exploration Program (YEP). This program is designed to introduce participants ages 16-21 to apprenticeship and/or post-secondary education in construction (e.g. carpenters, cement masonry, electricians, ironwork, plumbing, painting). The program consists of workshops, work-based learning and practicing skills that will prepare them for employment in the building trades and construction industry.

This opportunity is made possible by the DSHS Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Program. ANEW is a nonprofit organization that offers youth programs statewide and is not part of the public school or school district, or affiliated with the educational system.  

Our goal is to provide interest into ANEW’s Trades Rotation Program (TRP) and the Pre-Apprenticeship Construction Education (PACE) Program which are our pre-apprenticeship training programs for those interested in pursuing occupations and apprenticeships in the construction trades. These 12-week programs gives woman and men the confidence and competitive edge needed to enter higher paying construction jobs or enter apprenticeship programs related to the building of trades. For more information on our pre-apprenticeship programs for those 18 and older, visit our Pre-Apprenticeship Training page.

For questions and more information about this program, please contact:

Venus Dean-Bullinger, Youth Exploration Program Supervisor
[email protected]